Mountain Biking Trails

Big Bear Cabins California

"Where can you bike the trails right from your own peaceful Big Bear cabin retreat?" Experience mountain biking at its ultimate. The hills and mountains that surround Big Bear Lake offer some of the most beautiful and serene biking trails in California with spectacular lake and forest views.

mountain biking big bear californiaRide the Sky Chair to the mountain top and then travel the scenic mountain biking trails, or ride the gentle North Shore bike path. Big Bear mountain biking trails offer diverse terrain, from easy to considerably more challenging. The Alpine Pedal Path is a very easy, a 2.5-mile asphalt path that wanders along the North Shore of Big Bear Lake. The 1.5 mile Woodland Trail is a unique nature trail where you can explore the botany, geology and wildlife of this dry woodland area. The Cougar Crest Trail offers 5 miles of moderate to difficult terrain that ends at the juncture of the world-famous 2,600 mile-long Pacific Crest Trail. Ride through a variety of natural environments as you climb in altitude.
Enjoy an amazing view while mountain biking the trails in our backyard.

mountain bike trails in big bear californiaThe Grandview Loop Bike Trail offers 9 miles of low to intermediate trail for novice riders. Start by taking the Snow Summit Scenic Sky Chair, and then ride 2.5 miles to Grandview Point where the view is spectacular. John Bull Loop Bike Trail is 14.9 miles of diverse, intermediate terrain. Starting at the base of Van Dusen Canyon, it's a mellow 3.4 mile warm-up climb to Holcom Valley, flattening after a while, but then becoming steep, rutted and sandy for a more challenging mountain biking trek.

Grout Bay Bike Trail is a 13-mile intermediate mountain biking trail that starts with a short, paved climb from the Fawnskin fire station up to 3N14. Continue 2.5 miles to Hanna Flat campground, where Grout Bay Trail starts. The trail climbs and descends for an exciting and beautiful ride back to Fawnskin.

Where can you mountain biking the trails right from your own peaceful cabin retreat? Big Bear Cabins offers deluxe cottages right off the Pacific Crest Trail and a myriad of Big Bear's most challenging mountain bike trails.

List of Big Bear Mountain Biking Trails

  • Castle Rock Loop
    • 8 miles
    • Expert
    • 40298 big Bear Blvd.
  • Champion Lodgepole Pine Trail
    • 1/2 mile
    • Intermediate
    • Mill Creek Road/Highway 18
  • Gray's Peak Trail
    • 6 miles
    • Intermediate
    • Gray's Peak Trailhead off Highway 38
  • Cougar Crest Trail
    • 5 miles
    • Intermediate
    • 1/2 mile west of Discovery Center on Highway 38
  • Grandview Point and Pine Knot Trail Loop
    • 9 miles
    • Intermediate/Advanced
    • 527 Knickerbocker Road
  • Wildhorse Mountain Trail
    • 5 miles
    • Intermediate
    • East Highway 38 just past State/Mitchell Lane
  • Alpine Pedal Path
    • 2.5 miles
    • Intermediate
    • Discovery Center on Highway 38
  • Champion Pinepole Lodge Trail
    • 1/2 mile
    • Intermediate
  • Snow Summit Grandview Loop Mountain Bike Trail
    • 9 miles
    • Beginner
    • Snow Summit Mountain Resort
  • Cabin 89
    • 3 miles
    • Intermediate/Advanced
    • 2N08 Knickerbocker Rd. or 2N17 Mill Creek Rd.
  • Plantation Trail Snow Summit Chairlift Loop
    • 14 miles
    • Intermediate/Advanced
    • Snow Summit
  •  Pirates of the Caribbean
    • 1 mile
    • Intermediate/Advanced
    • Snow Summit
  • Grout Bay to Hanna Flats Campground Single Track Trail
    • 13 miles or 9 miles
    • Intermediate/Advanced
    • Grout Bay Picnic Area
  • Towne Trail
    • 1.2 miles
    • Beginner/Intermediate
    • Snow Summit Condos
  • John Bull Trail
    • 11 miles
    • Advanced
    • Van Dusen Canyon Rd.

If you know of any Big Bear Mountain Bike Trails not listed above, please send us a quick email describing the mountaing biking trail in Big Bear California and we will add it to the list. This list is updated as often and as accurately as possible but it is not feesable for us to ensure that this list of Big Bear Mountain Bike Trails is always 100% up to date.