Pet Friendly Rentals

Big Bear Cabins California

Big Bear Cabins California are pet friendly vacation rentals! Bring pets on vacation with you... no need to pay a pet sitter and have them miss out on the family fun. Instead, rent pet friendly! Enjoy the companionship of your dog while you experience the beautiful mountains, smell the fresh pine scented air and the luxuries of our secluded cabins.

Pet Friendly Cabin Rentals

Pet friendly accommodations in Big Bear CA Traveling with your pet in Big Bear doesn't have to be difficult. Instead, make it an exciting adventure. Where else can you hike leash-free from the door of your private cottage on the unlimited trails on and around our ranch? Where else can your best friend splash through a creek in the springtime, beat the heat in the summertime, frolic and roll in the powdery snow in the wintertime, and chase squirrels in the autumn? Your pet will enjoy secluded Cienaga Creek Ranch as much as you!

Cienaga Creek Ranch is Southern California's premiere pet friendly accommodation. Just ask any pet that has stayed with us before! Most tell us that they would just like to stay forever, but they love their owners so much that they will sacrifice and return to the city, eagerly awaiting their next trip to the pet friendly accommodations at Cienaga Creek Ranch.

At Cienaga Creek Ranch we understand that it is hard to find pet friendly accommodation. We are not just pet friendly, but welcome you and your pets with open arms. It is out pleasure to provide pet friendly accommodation in Big Bear California to relieve the stress involved with abandoning your pet for your vacation.

So come visit us with your pet! He deserves it just as much as you and will thank you with that special look and smile. You know, that look that only your special pet can give to you during those special times together. We'll look forward to your visit, and will see you soon!

  Scott & Vickie Wilson

Pets are People Too!

Because pets love a good mountain getaway as much as the rest of the family, Cienaga Creek Ranch in Big Bear, CA, has made all of its Big Bear cabin rentals pet-friendly cabin rentals. Your best friend isn't just reluctantly accepted. It is our pleasure to encourage and welcome pets to Big Bear cabins with open arms for no additional fee. That means no sad puppy dog eyes as you leave for vacation. Instead, get ready for some major tail-wagging and wet kisses – from your pet, too!

We don't have to tell you that pets appreciate a breath of fresh mountain air as much as you do, and that trails and creeks are ideal vacation spots for pets. Big Bear cabin rentals put you and your best friend right in the middle of a nature wonderland. Your four-legged friends are welcome to join you on long walks, hikes and snow shoe adventures off-leash around our pet-friendly cabin rentals.

Your friend will spend the day happily romping, sniffing and exploring our 50-acre ranch, home to seven Big Bear cabin rentals. Just outside your pet-friendly cabin rental doors are acres of unlimited trails.

In the winter, pets can frolic and roll in powdery snow just outside the pet-friendly cabin doors. The spring, summer and fall provide ample opportunity for chasing squirrels or lounging in the sun. Dogs can beat the summer heat by splashing through the refreshing creek. Pets are welcome to sleep inside your Big Bear cabin – if they don't insist on spending the night under the star-filled sky.

Traveling with a pet is a pleasure in your pet-friendly Big Bear cabin rental. You and your pet are never treated as second-class citizens, and you won't encounter anyone who isn't excited to meet your furry friend at Big Bear cabins. With acres of private trails and a canopy of pines amid the the secluded back country, you won't have to worry at all about who your dog is meeting or what he is getting into. It's all playtime in a Big Bear cabin rental.

If you'd like to venture into nearby Big Bear Lake for the day, the community is very pet friendly with many restaurants welcoming pets to sit on the patio or even inside with a special treat. Well-behaved pooches can also join in on many activities, like boat rides.

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Big Bear Lake, CA

Pet Friendly Guide to Big Bear, CA

We promise, your pets will enjoy Big Bear cabins as much as you do. Previous pet guests tell us that while they would love to stay in a pet-friendly cabin rental forever, they also love their families enough to sacrifice and return to the city with them. We can't blame them if they spend their days dreaming of a return to a Big Bear cabin rental nature retreat.

A pet-friendly cabin getaway is one the whole family will enjoy.