Big Bear Cabins California

At the Cienaga Creek Ranch, we take pride in creating unforgettable memories and happy endings. Take it from our family of satisfied guests . .

"Being from Hawaii, we believed we already saw paradise. To our surprise however, your cabin humbled our perspective. The serenity of the woods, hint of winter chill, warmth of the fireplace, and amenities that made this cabin home, really brought us peace and rest. Thank you for welcoming us, we truly enjoyed every minute of our stay!"

Aloha & God Bless,
The Yips Honolulu, Hawaii


"What a wonderful place-for so many reasons-beautful setting and scenery, lovely cabin with everything you need(and then some!) great hikes, abundant widlife, and the bluest sky we've ever seen. We found you by chance on the internet and now we're torn between keeping it a secret and going home and recommending it to everybody!"

Thanks for the wonderful hospitality,
Rebecca & Mark Eanes Annapolis, Maryland

"We want to stay. We want you to build us our own cabin and we'll just stay. Don't make us go back to the city. It's noisy there and crowded and stinky. We like it here with the pines and lions and long walks. Thank you so much for sharing. Someday we hope to grow up to be like you."

Cindy & Earl Los Angeles, California

What an adorable place you have here. Thank you for the hospitality....The kids had a blast seeing the wilderness for the first time...The sunset was beautiful...I can only imagine how romantic it would have been without the kids. ha ha Maybe next time my husband and I will do it alone..there will definetely be a next time.

(Part II 3 months later) Once again we truly enjoyed our visit except this time it was much more peaceful and romantic not having the kids! Being alone with my husband was overdue and we could'nt have picked a better place. The kids will be begging to come next time so our following visit will be a family outing which will be lots of fun! We thank you from our hearts

Rhonda & Fabian Chapple Fullerton, California


The picture does this cabin no justice. We were looking for a romantic get-away...he thought I'd paid too much. When we came in all he could say was "Wow! I am so impressed! This is so romantic and nice. They should charge more!" We really loved the privacy of no maid pounding on the door yelling "Housekeeping!". You snuck up and replaced more than we expected.We will recommend this to all couples seeking....

Brenda & Hector

The drive from San Diego was breathtaking. Upon arriving on the property the mood for both me and my husband changed to excitement. When we walked into the cabin our faces lit up like children on Christmas day! The rest and relaxation was needed and received by both of us. The hospitality was excellent. This was just what we needed...

Lynell & Carol San Diego, California


That so many of your guests write that it feels like their own private oasis is a testament to how lovely you've made wild rose. We felt like we were in our own dream house except that occasionally some "little elves" came by to freshen up the place and leave a delicious treat. We are city slickers, and this romantic getaway was just perfect for our third anniversary. The double headed shower and jacuzzi were decadent after hiking. We didn't want to close our eyes under the skylight because the stars were so magnificent. Thinking is easier in the solitude

Gina & Charlie

Wow, all this less than 100 miles from home! For us, this was family time with our two preschoolers. All they wanted to do was "explore" and each morning asked if we were still on vacation. They spent the days getting dirty and the nights in the jacuzzi - not quite the "romance" most journal entries boast! Boomer, the cat became an adopted family member which included salmon dinner and evening walks. We had a fabulous three days and for me, as a parent, it was joyous watching my children fall in love with nature and not touch the bag of toys I unnecessarily packed! We're already planning our return trip. Thank you!

Jackie, Brian, Brandon and Emma

The evening stars glowed like wise eyes down on us, while the wind danced through the trees causing a soft lullabye to be sung while the night lark called to the moon. We sat on the front porch and enjoyed the peace and beauty while a friendly cat (boomer) purred with content at our feet. It is a rare moment that one can taste a bit of heaven here on earth.

Jim & Victoria Gire